The Discovery of a 23m-year-old fossil in Mount Gambier

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The Discovery of a 23m-year-old fossil in Mount Gambier By Steve Reynolds (STEVE’S SDFSA SCIENCE STORY for the month of November) I confess that I maintain only a limited interest in molluscs, even less interest in deep-water species or fossilised specimens. This is despite having a few friends with a […]

1b year-old green plant fossils found in northern China (Science Story for SDFSA March 2020 newsletter)

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If you think that my online ramblings have been light on recently, it is possibly because I have been busy with other projects. One such project has been writing the “Science Story for the month” for the SDFSA newsletter. It occurred to me whilst laying awake in bed one night […]

Detail from Stromatolites in Shark Bay - Paul Harrison, 2005

Stromatolites – Part 2

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I stated in my “Thrombolites” article in our September 2013 Newsletter (No. 405) that “I couldn’t recall having heard of thrombolites”. That was despite the fact that I had previously mentioned them in my 1999 Journal article titled “Stromatolites”. The second paragraph for the 6½-page article in Journal No.10, December 1999 stated, […]

Thrombolites in Lake Clifton SeanMack 2008 CC_BY_3.0

Thrombolites & Stromatolites

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Whilst watching a documentary on ABC TV, I saw what I thought were stromatolites, only to learn that they were called “thrombolites”. I couldn’t recall having heard of thrombolites. These ones were located at Lake Clifton in Western Australia. According to Wikipedia, “Thrombolites are clotted accretionary structures formed in shallow […]