Nature Glenelg Trust’s involvement in researching and monitoring Goolwa pipi population dynamics

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The Nature Glenelg Trust (NGT) has been involved in researching and monitoring Goolwa pipi (cockles) population dynamics and associated aspects e.g. recreational pipi extraction impacts. Open season is currently November to May, with a maximum daily bag limit of 300 cockles daily per person. There is also a minimum size […]

12-month Fishing Bans Imposed Around Glenelg & O’Sullivan Beach Shellfish Reefs

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Today, Tuesday 25th January 2022, the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) announced: “Fishing is now temporarily prohibited around the recently constructed Glenelg and O’Sullivan Beach shellfish reefs for a 12-month period to allow the reefs and marine life to settle and develop. The Department of Primary Industries and […]

Annual reminder to stakeholders regarding Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome

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Alex Chalupa, Senior Biosecurity Officer, Aquatic Pest Response, Biosecurity SA, Invasive Species Unit, Department of Primary Industries and Regions, has sent us this message below. It is the annual reminder to stakeholders regarding Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS). Hi Everyone, Hope you are coping well in these extraordinary times. It’s beginning […]

A discovery by researchers from Flinders University enables the removal of mercury from water & soil

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ABC TV’s “Catalyst” program recently discussed mercury levels in fish. They reported that fish are a healthy source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, but high mercury levels in fish can be a problem. At very high concentrations, mercury has a profound toxic effect on human beings. It is hoped […]

Warning of hefty penalties for reef picking

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That heading comes from PIRSA as part of a warning to fishers regarding rules for removing organisms  from intertidal reefs in SA. Reef Watch says that it gets quite a few reports from members of the public who have observed people taking organisms off intertidal reefs. The taking of marine organisms […]

Weedy Seadragon MLSSA

State Government to protect seadragons & sea horses

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The Rann Government has moved to deliver greater protection for sea horses, pipefish and weedy seadragons in South Australian waters by declaring them protected species, like the leafy seadragon. Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister, Rory McEwen said today the decision reflected a commitment by the Premier at a Community Cabinet […]

Scoresby Shepherd & Sprigg Diving Bell SARDI

Scoresby Shepherd ‘Comes up for air’

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Originally published in Southern Fisheries magazine – Spring 2000 Dr Scoresby Shepherd’s fascination with marine life was fired by the exploits of legendary French diver and adventurer, Jacques-Yves Cousteau. It was in the 1950s and Scoresby was a young man, working towards a career in law. Between studies, he helped form […]

Upper Spencer Gulf - Google Earth

Upper Spencer Gulf Marine Life & Aquatic Reserves

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I have kept an article from the 10th September 1985 issue of The News which gives details about the marine life of upper Spencer Gulf. Parts of this article are reproduced below:- The Iron Triangle girdles the fish-rich Spencer Gulf. This body of water, along with other gulf waters, is unique […]