Joint Expedition by the Friends of Gulf St Vincent and the Marine Life Society of South Australia to Port Gawler (1st October 2022)

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Members of both groups attended a Green Adelaide-sponsored, Mudflat Monitoring Workshop at West Beach on the evening of 15th September, where researchers from Flinders University, including the current President of the Royal Society of South Australia, Professor Sabine Dittman, handed out hard copies of a draft Mudflat Monitoring Manual for […]

Deep-Sea Corals Discovered Off South-Western Australia (“Science Story of the Month” from the SDFSA April 2020 newsletter)

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“Deep-Sea Corals Discovered Off South-Western Australia” by Steve Reynolds This second “Science Story of the Month” comes from the SDFSA April 2020 newsletter. Deep-Sea Corals Discovered Off South-Western Australia Deep-Sea Corals have been discovered off South-Western Australia by using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) called “SuBastian”. The ROV belongs to […]

HMS Investigator anchor at SAMM

The Recovery of Two of HMS Investigator’s Anchors

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When Matthew Flinders had finished surveying the southern coast of Australia in 1802, he continued sailing his ship, HMS Investigator northwards in an attempt to chart the rest of the Australian coastline. This became quite impossible for him since the Investigator was badly leaking seawater. In early 1803 Flinders had to sail the Investigator to Timor. […]