Edgar Waite, Herbert Hale and Joseph Verco

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I now have a copy of Edgar Waite and Herbert Hale’s “Review of the Lophobranchiate Fishes (Pipefishes and Seahorses) of South Australia”, thanks to the generosity of Robert Browne. The review is an ‘Authors’ Reprint’ “From Records of the South Australian Museum, Vol.1, No.4, January 29th, 1921”. Edgar R. Waite […]

Waratah anemones, Port Noarlunga, South Australia - Dan Monceaux

New art exhibition celebrates the marine life of Port Noarlunga, South Australia

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River to Reef is an exhibition of new marine-themed artworks by South Australian artists, documentary filmmakers and amateur naturalists, Dan and Emma Monceaux. Presented by Onkaparinga Arts, the ambitious show includes fifty-five new works and can be viewed online, or in-person at the Arts Centre, Port Noarlunga, South Australia. The […]

Elysia expansa, Fletcher's Dock 2018

The Port River – over 100 marine and coastal species and counting

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I was first inspired to pay more attention to this often overlooked ecosystem by the discovery of the upside-down jellyfish, Cassiopea sp. there in 2016 by MLSSA president and area resident, Steve Reynolds. My personal explorations soon followed, beginning at Garden Island. There, a snorkeller can easily step into the […]

Shrimps, Seadragons and Siphonognathus argyrophanes

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Shrimps, Seadragons and Siphonognathus argyrophanes (As told to Steve by David Muirhead) The fish Tubemouth, Siphonognathus argyrophanes, looks very pipefish-like, and many veteran divers incorrectly think that they are true pipefish. They are, however, in the same family as wrasses (Labridae), which includes the ‘rock cod’ or ‘parrotfish’, plus weed […]

The Purple Shore Crab, Leptograpsus variegatus

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David Muirhead recently posted this crab photo on his Facebook page: – (Taken at Point Dutton (northwest of Coffin Bay) in March 2012) He wrote, “These large and gaudy crabs are favourites of mine. They only inhabit the intertidal zone (mainly northwest of about Coffin Bay in SA) and are […]