Lock-down Story No.2 – My Oyster-filming Dive in the Marina

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This was actually going to be my first lock-down story before I got carried away with the story about how my nose surgery affected my diving. (These ‘Lock-down’ stories aren’t to be taken too seriously.) In June 2017, I was asked to make a photographic dive in the Cruising Yacht […]

The Unique South

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Seems like only yesterday that lovers of temperate southern Australian rocky reefs first heard and, in some cases, eagerly promulgated the term “The Unique South “. The term had instant appeal as a catchy descriptor with seemingly obvious educational value. I loved the term from the first encounter. I guess […]

cuttlefish and purple sea urchin at Point Lowly by Dan Monceaux

Aristotle’s lantern and other ‘invertebrate bits’ by Heather Robertson

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Heather Lynn Robertson/Stoker writes a blog on marine invertebrates entitled Aristotle’s Lantern. As the title of her blog suggests, Heather seems to be particularly keen on sea urchins. In her own words, “Aristotle’s lantern… is a hard, calcareous feeding structure comprised of very intricate parts unique to sea urchins.” Here […]