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Dec 20

December 20, 2019

Seaweeds found to be also sensitive to ocean warming

Seaweeds found to be also sensitive to ocean warming by Steve Reynolds Alexia Graba-Landry says that seaweeds are just as sensitive to ocean warming as corals. Alexia is a 2017-2019 PhD candidate at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University in Queensland. She was a Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation Doctoral Fellow in 2017.... Read more

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Dec 1

December 1, 2019

UN Report Warns About the Threat of Increased Marine Heatwaves

UN REPORT WARNS ABOUT THE THREAT OF INCREASED MARINE HEATWAVES by Steve Reynolds The December issue of the SDFSA’s newsletter reported that scientists were warning that marine heatwaves were threatening the oyster industry and affecting the Great Barrier Reef (Marine Heatwaves Threatening Oyster Industry and Affecting Great Barrier Reef, Scientists Warn). It stated that “Scientists warn that climate change is... Read more

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Oct 13

October 13, 2018

The Occurrence of the Venus shell, Tapes literatus, in the Port River

Last year, I found a Venus shell, Tapes literatus at the Ships’ Graveyard in the North Arm of the Port River. I reported the discovery in my article entitled Further Discoveries at the Ships’ Graveyard. More recently, two more specimens were found on the western side of Torrens Island (8 October 2018). My kayak partner (known only as Greg) picked up... Read more

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Apr 4

April 4, 2017

Assisting the Port River Shellfish Restoration Project Group

As reported in our March 2017 Mail-out, the Marine Life Society of South Australia is assisting the Port River Shellfish Restoration Project Group in its efforts to rebuild some natural reefs in the Port River system. Catherine McMahon, Executive Officer for the Estuary Care Foundation says, “We see restoration of the Port River and Barker Inlet as a long-term project... Read more

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Apr 10

April 10, 2015

White shark by Terry Goss

Submission to SA Government re: shark cage diving locations in South Australia

To whom it may concern, Please accept this submission as our official response to the announcement that alternative sites are to be investigated for the redistribution of shark cage diving tourism. We understand that the proposed redistribution follows the absence of sharks from long established sites near the Neptune Islands, a phenomenon possibly caused by an orca attack, witnessed by... Read more

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Nov 6

November 6, 2014

Sep 24

September 24, 2014

The carbon footprint of dive tourism – are we loving our oceans to death?

It is with mixed feelings that I frequently see people I know raving about their next dose of international ecotourism, be it diving with whales in Tonga or on tropical reefs in any of our Pacific island neighbours’ waters. On the one hand, I respect my peers enthusiasm for diving, for exploring the natural world and for seeking out intimate experiences... Read more

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