Coobowie Bay 2013

Algal Bloom in Coobowie Bay

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Coobowie Bay has a bloom of Enteromorpha, a fine leaved form of “cabbage weed” which is prolific in areas of sewage effluent like Bolivar. Coobowie is a low lying township with many blocks inundated or close to inundation at king tides. The impact of this seawater level on septic effluent […]

Southern Bluefin Tuna (Carl Charter)

Red Tides and Blue Farming Don’t Mix

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This week marks the first anniversary of the Boston Bay (Port Lincoln) massive tuna deaths. Yet the SA Conservation Council asks – are we any better off 12 months later? Have we learnt any lessons from this avoidable disaster? In April 1996, organic wastes and nutrients from the faecal wastes […]