There have been a few minor changes to some of the anchors on the Port Adelaide Anchor Trail, and some new anchors have been discovered. These new anchors are not, however, being added to the trail since they are on private property.

Newly discovered anchors include these two at the Small Boat Club at Garden Island: –

This photo is taken by AllWinner’s v3-sdv

These two anchors can only be seen up close by Small Boat Club members and their guests. They are also visible at a distance from Angas Inlet.

This other anchor is at the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron: –

Again, this anchor can only be seen by Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron members and their guests during the week, but the club rooms are open to the public for meals on weekends.

As for recent changes, this anchor at Dockside storage was pushed over by vandals: –

The owner of the anchor plans to restore it whilst it is still laying down. He then plans to use a forklift to put it back against the post there.

This anchor at the Austbuilt Museum has been undergoing a bit of restoration. The anchor has been coated with fish oil in the hope of preserving it: –

Meanwhile, we have been doing some fundraising to raise money to put towards printing some more trail guides.

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