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Jan 28

January 28, 2019

Second Cerianthid Sighting at Second Valley

About 4 years to the day later, I have possibly found the same Cerianthid anemone in the same location. I was diving with the same dive buddy, and it was he who pointed the anemone out to me (although he didn’t recall it afterwards). My previous sighting of a Cerianthid anemone was at Second Valley on 6th January 2015. Allan... Read more

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Jan 17

January 17, 2019

More Fish Behaviour Reports Are Coming Through

“More Fish Behaviour Reports Are Coming Through” by Steve Reynolds Since writing Blennies Found Mating in January, more information has been coming through to me regarding fish behaviour. Ralph Kinasz recently reported having built up a relationship with a ringed toadfish, Omegophora armilla. “The relationship I built with this fish was quite awesome,” he said, “but the tale is also... Read more

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Jan 6

January 6, 2019

Blennies found mating

“Blennies found mating” by Steve Reynolds During a dive at Second Valley, my buddy pointed out a pair of jumping blennies, Lepidoblennius marmoratus, sharing a loving embrace on the cliff face out on the headland. I proceeded to take a series of photos of the two blennies.  A large male would not leave the side of a smaller female. I... Read more

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