Just 6 days after our kayak & caving trip at Rapid Bay we returned to Rapid Bay on 26th November for a dive at the jetties there. Participants this time were Steve Reynolds, Alexius Sutandio, David Muirhead, Allan Horsfall & Anita Futterer. We all met at the jetty car park in the morning, but our dive entries were somewhat staggered. We managed to break-up in to three separate teams for our dives. Meanwhile, Lisa McLean was diving at Second Valley. She came down to Rapid Bay for a second dive about that time that we were leaving there.

Alexius & Anita were the first pair of divers into the water. Steve & Allan were the next pair to go in. David was last one in. He just did a solo dive close to the new jetty. He took this shot of one of the star-droppers between the two jetties: –


A star-dropper’s living cover (+fishing line)

between Old + New Rapid Bay jetties

(Taken by David Muirhead)

Steve & Allan enjoyed their dive together. Many nice fish were sighted and they were acting quite friendly towards the divers, including this brown-spotted wrasse: –


Brown-spotted wrasse posing for the camera

(Taken by Steve Reynolds)

Many nice invertebrate species were also found, including molluscs, sponges, squid and a large number of starfish.


Just a few of the star fish sighted on the day

(Taken by Steve Reynolds)

After spending an hour at the old jetty, Steve & Allan returned to the new jetty to explore that one.  They both got separated for a short while whilst recorded the predatory behaviour of an eleven-armed starfish. This will be the subject of a separate report.


Eleven-armed starfish

(Taken by Steve Reynolds)

Steve Fifteen minutes was enough time spent there, so they exited the water quite pleased with themselves.

As Steve & Allan left the jetty at the end of their dive, Alexius & Anita were heading back in for their second dive. David eventually returned back to the jetty car park to re-join Steve & Allan there.

Steve & Allan then moved over to the camping ground eating tables (which were conveniently close to the toilets). Following a quick lunch, they had to leave for home in a hurry. This was just before Lisa came down from Second Valley for her ‘second’ dive. Lisa took this photo of the jetty about that time: –


Lisa’s photo of the jetties

Alexius, Anita and Lisa all reported seadragon sightings from their dives on the day.

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