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Our latest mail-out can be found at Our Mail-outs and News issues for 2014 are listed below: December 2014 News – MLSSA News – October 2014 – MLSSA News – August 2014 – Monthly Mail-out to MLSSA Members – July 2014 – MLSSA Mail-Out –

2014 Journal

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(Our 2014 Journal, November 2014, is available below (in 3 parts): Part 1 of 2014 Journal Part 2 of 2014 Journal Part 3 of 2014 Journal (The 2014 Journal was the last issue of our Journal.)

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Our 2014 newsletters are available below: MLSSA_NL_413_July_2014 MLSSA_NL_412_June_2014 MLSSA_NL_411_May_2014 MLSSA_NL_410_April_2014 MLSSA_NL_409_March_2014 MLSSA_NL_408_February_2014 (Newsletters were only published from Feb to July in 2014, the July issue being the final one.)

The Swimming Anemone, Phylctenactis tuberculosa

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The swimming anemone, Phylctenactis tuberculosa, may vary in colour from the usual dull orange-brown to olive, to red-brown, to orange, pale pink and light to dark grey-blue, and often combinations of these colours (according to “A field guide to the marine invertebrates of South Australia” by Karen Gowlett-Holmes). I took […]

Ewens Ponds Conservation Park 2013 Tim Koch

Exploring Ewens Ponds Conservation Park underwater

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Ewens Ponds is a somewhat little-known secret in regards to fresh-water diving and snorkeling in South Australia. Situated about half an hour south of Mount Gambier, it is fairly easily accessed via unsealed roads (once you have hired a wetsuit at the local Deli in my case). It consists of […]

Sepia officinalis © Sebastian Niedlich CC BY-NC-SA 2

New research shows shipping sound impacts cuttlefish

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Cuttlefish become stressed when exposed to shipping sound and panic when exposed to loud, low-frequencies, according to two scientific papers published this year. The Marine Life Society of South Australia believes that these results should trigger increased research efforts into the impact of shipping noise on the Giant Australian cuttlefish aggregation at Point Lowly, […]

Central pair of dead sperm whales at Ardrossan Dec 8 2014 - Emma Monceaux for web

Propeller strike evidence found on dead Sperm whale near Ardrossan, December 8 2014

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The first known group stranding of Sperm whales to occur on South Australia’s coastline was reported near Ardrossan yesterday morning. Among the curious onlookers, members of the Marine Life Society of South Australia attended the scene, where they inspected the bodies of five of the seven deceased whales. While obvious external injuries appeared to […]

White shark by Terry Goss

Seen a shark in SA waters? Report it for safety and science

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When I discuss sharks with divers or snorkellers, they tend to agree that shark sightings of any species are a rarity in SA- at least off metropolitan beaches and at popular dive sites. In something of an anomaly, a single Great White Shark (whether it was the same individual on […]

Buried Shovelnosed ray, Glenelg by Dan Monceaux MLSSA

Nocturnal observations around Glenelg marina and jetty

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While this weekend’s scorching hot temperatures kept my wife and I out of the sun for the most part, we couldn’t resist making a late night beach walk down at Glenelg. While the habitats there are highly modified due to breakwater and marina construction, dune removal for coastal development plus […]

Bottlenosed dolphin at the surface MLSSA

List of marine conservation groups in South Australia

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A number of community and environmental groups are actively involved in marine conservation work or advocacy in South Australia. This list is not exhaustive, nor does it assume that listed groups are in any way affiliated with the Marine Life Society of South Australia. If you would like to add a […]