Coobowie Bay 2013

Coobowie Bay has a bloom of Enteromorpha, a fine leaved form of “cabbage weed” which is prolific in areas of sewage effluent like Bolivar. Coobowie is a low lying township with many blocks inundated or close to inundation at king tides. The impact of this seawater level on septic effluent dispersal has been shown this year with warm weather suitable for algal blooms combined with high levels of tourists and the consequent effluent increase.

This is an area which has 60 hectares of new oyster leases mostly located on the spit on which the cover of Enteromorpha shows up at low tide. The Enteromorpha is also present along much of the shallow shore line between Sultana Point and Port Giles. Long term residents of Coobowie cannot remember having seen the spit and shallows covered in green alga previously and are very concerned.

In view of the Wallace Lakes, NSW, Hepatitis scare, the presence of Enteromorpha indicating the effluent in the bay should be investigated fully.

Author: Jean Cannon

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