Spectacled Porpoise

Spectacled Porpoise (Phoecoena dioptrica) at Horseshoe Bay, Port Elliot

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SA Whale Centre News On the evening of Sunday 24th March, the SA Whale Centre received a phone call reporting a dolphin trying to strand itself at Horseshoe Bay, Port Elliot. Les Mc Diarmid and NPWS Ranger John Bracken attended and realised it was actually a small unidentified toothed whale. […]

Weedy Seadragon MLSSA

Second Valley MLSSA Club Dive, 20th April, 1997

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The destination for the monthly MLSSA club dive was Second Valley. Unfortunately, only Jonathon and I could go for a dive on this particular day (20th April), but it turned out to be a rewarding dive in very nice weather. Jonathon had heard that the diving out from the north […]

Corals & Sponges

Growing A Mineral Base For Coral Growth

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The January 17 issue of “Australian Doctor” told of the use of electricity to create a base that coral could grow on. Dr Karl Kruszenelnicki’s “Wierd Science” column tells how magnesium and calcium-based minerals build up when electricity is passed through sea water. A layer of minerals 20cm thick took […]

Coobowie Bay 2013

Algal Bloom in Coobowie Bay

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Coobowie Bay has a bloom of Enteromorpha, a fine leaved form of “cabbage weed” which is prolific in areas of sewage effluent like Bolivar. Coobowie is a low lying township with many blocks inundated or close to inundation at king tides. The impact of this seawater level on septic effluent […]

Southern Bluefin Tuna (Carl Charter)

Red Tides and Blue Farming Don’t Mix

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This week marks the first anniversary of the Boston Bay (Port Lincoln) massive tuna deaths. Yet the SA Conservation Council asks – are we any better off 12 months later? Have we learnt any lessons from this avoidable disaster? In April 1996, organic wastes and nutrients from the faecal wastes […]

Urrbrae wetlands 2014

The effect of wetlands as a means of reducing nutrients, sediments and bacteria from stormwater

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Last month I read with concern a report of a talk about wetlands which was reported not to have mentioned stormwater. I was at the talk and remember a map of the drainage system for Adelaide being shown but I guess, like the speaker, I assumed that WETLANDS ARE ALL […]


Seahorse Sightings at Brown’s Beach, Yorke Peninsula

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MLSSA member Ron Bellchambers recently told us about sighting 18 White’s Seahorses during a dive at Brown’s Beach, Innes National Park, Yorke Peninsula. Ron and his family were diving behind the reef at Brown’s Beach on February 23rd. There they counted 18 White’s Seahorses floating on broken ‘sea branches’. Locals […]